Welcome to New Fellowship Baptist Church, where we "Empower Souls to Christ!"  Acts 2:47 says: "Praising God, and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved." 

   Pastor Eddie Edwards, his wife, and the entire congregation at New Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church, in Beaumont, Texas invites you to come and worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness and to feel what a true Christian Family is all about!  How good and pleasant it is to see how the brothers and sisters dwell in unity and how the body edifies itself!  By example and leadership, we empower souls to Christ.  With prayer, and encouragement we seek to teach, strengthen and exhort souls to come to the Lord and live the life that God intended.  He saved us to bring souls to Him.  Here, you will find refuge from the storms of life! 

Serving the Lord is not about "religion," it is a way of life!  Pastor Eddie Edwards has dedicated his life to serving the Lord and being in service to the people.  Help is always available, should you need counsel, advice, prayer, support or any other issue, New Fellowship Baptist Church is there for you!  With us, it is not about how much money we can collect and bring in, but how many souls can be saved from distress and pain, and brought into the Kingdom of God, where there is nothing but love and joy!




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Remember the woman that gave the one mite!  It is not the amount that counts, but that it came from the heart, and may God bless you abundantly for your love offering!


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